Wood Burner Installation Case Study


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We were approached by a customer who was looking to replace their existing gas appliance, in their traditional Victorian fireplace, with a small wood burner to provide secondary heating to their main living area.

The customer was hoping to retain the polished cast iron surround within their fireplace, but there were concerns over the condition of the chimney breast behind the gas appliance as there were signs of deterioration to the remainder of the stack.

We agreed to remove the existing mantle, hearth and cast surround to carry out a condition inspection ahead of agreeing the installation of a stove.

The removal of the mantle and surround revealed a period arched fireplace which the customer was delighted with and this led to a change in the scope of works as now the customer wanted the plaster removing to the remainder of the breast and the brick work making good of some damaged brickwork.

The change in scope of works allowed the customer to have a wider choice of stoves and decided upon a Wood Warm Fireview Eco C5-S which was their preferred choice of British made stove.

The works were completed to the customers satisfaction and included the re-pointing and replacement of damaged brickwork to the fireplace, installation of stove, flue and hearth.

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Customer Review

Our journey towards a stove installation has a convoluted plot and three main characters: Matt, Chris and Greg, from Architectural Ironmongery.

We turned up on spec at The Old Forge, concerned about forthcoming energy price increases and considering a small wood burner for our existing Victorian fireplace, to supplement our heating and give some security. Chris was extremely helpful and informative, he assured us that Matt would be happy to visit us in Malvern – some distance away – to consult.

Matt informed us that our Carrara marble fire surround and cast iron insert would have to be removed and then re-fitted to accommodate the flue liner and closure plate. The question as to whether a 170-year-old marble surround could be removed and re-fitted intact hung in the air.

Enter Greg – who’s can-do attitude holds no bounds. He carefully removed the marble and cast iron insert, conscious of the fragility of the situation, only to reveal a beautiful original brick arch opening. Without an ounce of regret, we junked the erstwhile beloved marble fire surround and embraced the arch!

Between each stage were subplots involving an ornate chimney stack that needed rebuilding above roof level, hacking off chimney breast plaster, scaffolding that might – or might not be up and some of the highest temperatures known to man.

Throughout, Matt, Chris and Greg were communicative, professional, organised and painstaking. They have a passion about their work and an appreciation that there is something primitively satisfying, comforting and reassuring about lighting a fire in your own home.

Our eventual choice of stove, the Woodwarm Fireview Eco C5-L with woodstore, lights easily and quickly with a single and very effective control lever, with the airwash system maintaining glass transparency. We really wouldn’t want to be without it now – it makes winter evenings so cosy!

We recommend the team at Architectural Ironmongery wholeheartedly, their enthusiasm and commitment to quality and satisfaction is so refreshing. It was a pleasure to have them guide us on our journey. Quite simply, they were brilliant.

Martin & Jo Raynor